The real 4-starshop products are shipped domestically AND internationally from Pine Colorado. Not China or any other country.
Be wary of very low prices! Cheap price = cheap product.
We ship in a 6.5x10 Kraft bubble envelope. If your order is large, it will be shipped in a 7x9x3 box. Each order contains a booklet and bag.
Our packaging does not contain grammar and spelling mistakes.
Our logo is on the booklet included with each order. This booklet is a two-fold, high quality glossy booklet, not a photocopy.
If you’ve bought one of these knock-offs, please contact us. We will do our best to make it right.
And please remember:
Purchasing counterfeit products isn’t a victimless crime. (
---The buyer deprives designers and other copyright holders of the fruits of their labors and unfairly transfers those profits to others.
---Fake goods undermine innovation, hurting consumers and businesses alike. Why should talented designers create an awesome handbag or iPhone case if they can’t reap the financial rewards of their creativity?
---Counterfeiters do not pay taxes, meaning less money for your city’s schools, hospitals, parks and other social programs.
---Because most counterfeit goods are produced in sweatshops run by organized crime, profits often support terrorist groups, drug smugglers, sex traffickers and street gangs. Sweatshops, in turn, are notorious for violating child-labor laws and basic human rights, and many workers are coerced through a system of indentured servitude, a form of modern-day slavery. 


Estimated delivery  approx.  7-12 days but due to COVID related postal or your local transporation delays are to be expected. We offer a 15 day money back guarantee from the
date of purchase.

The refund will be processed back to the payment method
used when purchase was made.

For more details about returns please visit our FAQs
page and follow the steps necessary.